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Do You Need Expensive VST Plugins For Music Production?

Do you need expensive VST plugins for music production? Learn more in this post.

As a music producer, it’s important to know if your money is well spent on expensive VST plugins.

This blog post discusses the pros and cons of pricey plugins so you can make an informed decision.

On the one hand, buying top-of-the-line software can give your productions a professional sound that makes them stand out.

On the other hand, spending too much on features that aren’t necessary is a quick way to go over budget without getting anything useful in return.

What do you think? Let’s dive in!

Whether or Not You Need Expensive Vst Plugins for Music Production

Making music can be easier with the right tools.

But there is no need to break the bank and purchase expensive equipment immediately when you don’t know what will work best for beginners like yourself!

Many beginning music producers think they need the most expensive VST plugins for their sound to be great.

The truth is that you can get a lot of great music done with just the prebuilt VSTs that come with your DAW.

So, do you need expensive VST plugins for music production? The short answer is no.

While they may be able to improve the quality of your music, higher-quality plugins aren’t absolutely necessary.

In fact, several free and low-cost alternatives get pretty close in terms of great sound without breaking into tears.

However, feel free to spend a fortune producing high-quality music if you want, but great music comes with skills and practice over the long run.

If you really want to get the best quality plugins right away, let’s consider some key factors.

The Pros of Expensive VST Plugins

As the field of music production grows, so does the demand for virtual instruments and plugins.

Although there are many excellent VST plugins accessible for free, it is worth investing in the paid versions.

Here are some pros of expensive VST plugins:

  1. The sound quality and number of features of the paid VSTs usually surpass those of their more affordable or free counterparts.
  2. There is usually more customization with premium plugins, allowing you to get the exact sound you want.
  3. They typically have solid customer support behind them, so you may obtain assistance if you encounter any problems using them.
Do You Need Expensive VST Plugins for Music Production?

Using paid VST plugins does not come without downsides. Buying one can be costly, and you might not even use half of its features.

But if you’re serious about making music, investing in high-quality tools can definitely help you to make professional-sounding tracks.

The Cons of Expensive VST Plugins

We all want the best of the best regarding the tools we use to create our music.

After all, better tools should mean better results, right?

That’s why many producers are willing to spend top dollar on the best VST plugins available.

But are these expensive plugins really worth the money?

Let’s take a look at the downsides of buying high-priced vst plugins.

While some premium plugins may be worth the investment in the long run, others may prove frustrating to inexperienced producers due to their high learning curves.

Also, your computer may run more slowly if you have installed resource-intensive plugins. If you’re in the middle of something, this can be a major hassle sometimes.

You should learn to use the free, in-built tools that come with your DAW before investing in more advanced plugins when you’re just starting out as a music producer.

No doubt, having access to a wide range of sounds can serve as a creative catalyst, but mastering your tools will help you expand your skills down the road.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether the pros of expensive VST plugins outweigh the cons.

To Recap: The pros and cons of expensive VST plugins vary depending on the producer. Newer producers may want to avoid them in the beginning, while experienced producers may find them worth the investment.

Are Free VST Plugins Good Enough?

There are many different options out there, and one of the things that you’ll need to decide is whether or not free VST plugins are good enough.

Keyboard and music software

The decision of whether to buy a plugin or not is mostly down to your requirements.

If you’re new and want decent-quality sounds without spending any money, then free plugins are great for getting started; however, these can sometimes need more features to satisfy more demanding users.  

There are a lot of free plugins out there that are of high quality, but there are also a lot of low-quality plugins as well.

You’ll need to decide what’s more important to you:

The price or the quality.

If you’re just starting out, you may want to try out some free plugins first until you get a deeper understanding of music production.

To Recap: Free VST plugins can be a great way to get started with music production, but they may not offer the same quality as paid plugins.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Plugin

There are so many plugin possibilities that it’s hard to choose the right one. 

Pricing often matters more than quality, but both should be considered carefully before buying anything! 

Various VST plugins

In general, the more expensive a plugin is, the better the quality will be.

There may also exist low-cost plugins which can produce good results if you don’t have much money on hand or just want something quick and easy – don’t discount these either because they seem cheap at first glance.

One of the best ways to assess whether or not a plugin will work for your needs is by watching videos on YouTube. 

This lets you know what other people think and if their opinions are worth listening to!

You’ll want to ensure plugins come with all the features your music production needs. 

For instance, if it’s drums and cymbals you’re after, then be aware of what sounds are available in this type of plugin and how many instruments/presets there may be from which to choose. 

If you’re looking for a plugin to add synth sounds, on the other hand, you’ll want to make sure it has a lot of presets, sound selections, and FXs to change the sound.

When buying plugins, always ensure they are compatible with your existing DAW before making a purchase.

Logic Pro X and FL Studio are some of the DAWs that we highly recommend.

To Recap: VST plugins can be a great way to improve your music production workflow and add new sounds, but make sure to consider quality, features, and compatibility before making a purchase.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Purchase

Since VST plugins are not cheap, you need to maximize their usefulness.

Some tips for doing so:

Do Your Research

Do your homework before dropping cash on a VST plugin; find the best plugin for your production needs by reading reviews, watching videos, and consulting with other producers.

2. Compare Prices.

Because of the high cost of some VST plugins, it is wise to look around before making a final decision.

3: Get The Most Out Of Your Trial

Most VST plugins can be tried out at no cost. If you want to ensure this plugin is right for you, use the trial version.

To Recap: VST plugins can be expensive, so do your research, compare prices, and use the free trial test that you are getting the most for your money.

FAQs about Expensive VST Plugins

Do you need expensive plugins for music production?

No, you do not need expensive plugins for music production. You can find many high-quality free and affordable plugins online to get started.

What VST do most producers use?

There is no one VST that most producers use. Different producers use different VSTs, depending on their personal preferences.

Finding a VST that works well for your specific needs and workflow is more important, although you can seek great information and advice from professional producers.


It ultimately depends on your budget, needs, and preferences when it comes to choosing a VST plugin. 

Having expensive high-quality plugins can be a big benefit in your music productions, and it will definitely spark creativity in the long run.

However, free plugins also have great features to offer, and it is wise to learn the great built-in plugins that already come with your production software. 

But if you want to invest in good plugins right away, we suggest that you get the most out of the free trial before making a decision. Many VST plugins come with a free trial period. 

When making music, it’s important always to learn to improve your skillset. At Sound Kickers, we provide guides and help in various aspects of music production.

Lets us know in the comments if you want us to cover a certain topic.

Thanks for reading!

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