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10 Easy Ways To Find Inspiration For Music Production

Music production is a musical art form that can be very challenging at times, especially when there is a need for more inspiration and motivation.

Every producer must learn to receive inspiration from various sources and look for inspiration when there is none to be easily found.

The good news is that there is always an inspiration to be found if you know where to look.

Ten ways to find inspiration for music production are to draw from successful producers and unfamiliar genres, try new gear, listen to music critically, seek critiques, collaborate with producers, take a break, learn an instrument, draw from an imaginary character, and follow what excites you.

Every producer must learn to find their sources of inspiration.

Still, if your work is feeling dry and inspiration feels elusive right now, any producer can use some ways and methods to find fresh motivation and inspiration.

Let’s explore the best ways to become inspired for production.

10 Ways To Find Inspiration For Music Production

Everyone who does creative work must deal with the occasional lack of inspiration, including music producers.

This is normal, and everyone must learn to deal with it in their way.

Ways To Find Inspiration For Music Production

However, a lack of inspiration can sometimes feel impossible to overcome.

In these instances, it is good to look for inspiration in new places and to learn how other producers find their inspiration.

This is a sure way to find fresh inspiration and motivation when production feels dry.

With that in mind, here are the ten best ways to find inspiration when you need it, especially when other methods have failed.

1. Take Inspiration From Successful Producers

The best way to find inspiration when you feel lost is to take inspiration from already successful producers and those who have developed their own methods for inspiration and motivation.

Choose three of your favorite producers, and look up interviews where they speak about their production processes.

There is always something exciting and new to learn from these interviews, and they may inspire you.

Drawing from people who are good at their work is always an excellent source of good, healthy, positive inspiration that drives you forward into new techniques, methods, and skills.

2. Learn From Different Musical Genres

A great way to find inspiration for music production is to listen to genres you are unfamiliar with and learn how this music is produced.

It is straightforward for producers to trap themselves in the boxes of the music they like, but there is a vast world of music out there, and every genre has its production standards and techniques that all producers can learn from and find inspiration in.

3. Experiment With New Techniques, Software, and Hardware

Another excellent source of inspiration for producers is new toys.

Treat yourself to new hardware, gear, plugins, or software you have never used before, and find fresh ways to use it.

This is a sure way to push yourself into a new musical space and find new methods and techniques for production that will inspire you to run forward.

4. Listen To Music With A Critical Ear

An important skill and source of inspiration for music producers is to listen to music with a critical ear.

There is always some new thing to learn from the music you love if you take the time to listen to the production with a critical look.

This means listening to the production of the track as a whole, rather than only hearing certain elements, and listening to the song repeatedly until something new stands out to you.

This will spark fresh inspiration within you and lead you down a musical avenue that you are yet to explore.

5. Ask For A Trusted Critique

An excellent way to find motivation and inspiration for producers is to ask a trusted musical or producer friend to critique their work.

Asking for an honest critique from someone you trust will open your eyes to the skills and techniques you need to work on while highlighting your strengths as a producer.

This process will show you what you are doing well and where you can improve.

Getting better at aspects of production you struggle with is always a great way to find inspiration, as it will continuously improve your skills and make the production process more manageable.

6. Collaborate With Another Producer

There is always tremendous inspiration to be found in collaboration.

Every producer has their methods and ways, and working with someone else can open you up to fresh production techniques that inspire you to improve and push you forward as an artist.

There are few better sources of inspiration than collaboration, especially with people that are better than you at what you do.

7. Take A Break

Taking a break from music production may feel counterintuitive, but the reality is that sometimes a lack of inspiration comes from a lack of rest.

Take a break from production, let your mind unwind, and inspiration may present itself from an unknown source you would have otherwise missed while you were too focused on finding it in the usual places.

Take a break, and inspiration will come to you.

8. Take Up An Instrument

Learning an instrument, or taking up a new one, is a fantastic source of inspiration, as it will force you to approach music and production from new angles.

Learning the guitar

Every instrument inspires a fresh outlook on music, and learning to play it will draw musical concepts from you that you did not know were there, inspiring you to explore new spaces in your production.

9. Imagine A Character

Sometimes inspiration cannot be found, and it must be made.

In these instances, an excellent technique to make inspiration for yourself is to imagine a character, a person, and what they are going through, and find inspiration from their imaginary life and emotions to put into your work.

This is a great way to learn to visualize music concepts and tell stories in production. Tell the story of your character and what they are going through, and your music will feel fresh every time.

10. Follow The Hype

Another great source of inspiration is to follow the hype.

Find a sound, a track, a beat, a sample, a plugin, or a progression that makes you feel something, and follow the hype.

Follow the feelings that you feel, and only peruse directions that make you feel excited.

By the end of the session, every second of your production will feel exciting to you, and you will have an excellent base to form a complete song upon.

Follow the hype, find what excites you, and your music will never feel dull.


Finding inspiration is challenging for all producers, but receiving inspiration becomes far easier when you find what works.

Every producer draws inspiration from unique sources, so take the time to find it; you will always have something new to draw from.

Inspiration is fleeting, so always turn it into something tangible before it leaves you.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

To keep yourself motivated and driven in music production, establish definite objectives, push yourself, work together with others, take breaks, look for motivation, have positive influences around you, and generate a positive atmosphere.

Find musical inspiration by exploring different musical styles, going to gigs, studying music theory, working with other musicians, trying out new instruments and effects, and taking time off.


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