The reasons for using VST plugins when producing music

Why Should You Use VST Plugins: 10 Simple Reasons

For some music producers, analog gear is the only tool certain to raise their production quality. But for most, VST plugins represent a very good alternative.

Although analog gear can sound quite unique and hard to imitate virtual, not every producer has the budget saved up for fancy equipment.

In this article, we will give you ten good reasons why you should use VST plugins in your workflow.

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What Are VST Plugins?

VST plugins (Virtual Studio Technology) are an essential part of any music producer’s toolkit.

There is an endless variety available, ranging from simple effects to complex virtual instruments that will provide new and unique sounds for your tracks!

Some even come free with DAWs, while others must be purchased – but it’s worth the cost because you will quickly improve your music production skills when having a wide arsenal of plugins in your DAW.

Why Should You Use VST Plugins? 10 Reasons

why should you use VST plugins?

1. They Can Help You Get the Sound You Want.

From synths and drum machines to filters – there are so many different ways you can achieve that perfect sound with VST plugins if you look around.

Some VST plugins can sound as realistic as playing a real instrument.

2. They’re Often Cheaper Than Hardware.

Another advantage of VST plugins is that they’re often much cheaper than hardware units.

While high-end plugins can be pricey, they’ll usually cost less than an equivalent hardware unit.

This is especially true if you only need specific sounds for particular tracks – with hardware, you’d have to buy an entire unit even if you only wanted one effect.

3. They Save Space in Your Studio.

If your studio is already crammed full of gear, adding more bulky hardware units isn’t going to help matters.

Plugins take up far less room, both physically and virtually (since they’re stored on your computer), freeing up valuable space in your workspace.

4. You Can Try Before You Buy.

Thanks to trial versions and demo tracks from manufacturers, it’s easy to test out plugins before deciding whether they are good and purchasing them.

This way, you can ensure that they work well with your existing setup and fit into your workflow seamlessly.

5. Some Come Bundled with Other Software.

There will often be in-built VST plugins when purchasing a DAW as well, so you don’t need to spend money right away on additional plugins.

This can be a great way to get started with using plugins, and it may even give you access to some high-quality options that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

6. They Offer Greater Flexibility.

Another benefit of VST plugins is that they offer greater flexibility than hardware units.

With hardware, you’re generally stuck with the sounds it comes with – if you want to change something, you often have to buy a new unit.

With plugins, on the other hand, you can easily tweak the sound to get precisely the results you want.

7. They’re Easy to Use.

One of the great things about VST plugins is that they’re generally straightforward.

Even if you’re new to using them, you should be able to figure out how to get the sound you want pretty quickly.

This contrasts some hardware units, which can be relatively hard to use.

8. They’re Compatible with a Wide Range of Software.

VST plugins work with most major DAWs, so you’ll never have problems finding some that fit whatever program you’re using.

9. They’re Often Updated.

Another advantage of VST plugins is that they’re often updated regularly.

This means that you can always be sure you’re using the latest version, which can help you avoid compatibility issues.

10. They’re a Great Way to Get Started with Music Production.

With so many free and paid VST plugins out there, it’s easy to get started with music production.

You just need one or two good-sounding ones that will help take your tracks in the right direction without breaking too much bank – who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself falling asleep at the wheel after an all-nighter creating something awesome.

Is It Better To Use VST Or AU?

Is It Better To Use VST Or AU

VST plugins are more universal and can be used with any DAW, but they’re not Mac-only like AU ones.

AU stands for audio units and is only available for Mac users.

However, there is a widely bigger VST catalog to choose from on the market since more companies are making VST plugins than AU, so don’t worry if you are a windows user.

Can I use VST without a DAW?

A digital audio workstation (DAW) is not required to use VST instruments, but it is highly recommended.

Despite this, you will be severely constrained because you cannot record and add the additional effects as you normally would and because saving is not available (in most situations), though you can, of course, save presets if you will.

When using your DAW for VST instruments, you should have at least enough horsepower to handle the number of simultaneous instances of an instrument or effect that you plan on using.

The preferred DAWs we always use are Logic Pro X and FL Studio.

Final Thoughts

VST plugins are great tools for beginners and professionals alike.

They offer incredible benefits like greater flexibility, easy use with various software programs, and updated features that ensure access to the latest sounds in your genre of choice.

There’s no better option for newbies looking for an affordable way into music production than relying on these revolutionary tools that can take your raw ideas from good enough to great.

With regular updates ensuring access to the latest features and sounds, VST plugins represent one of the best ways to start producing great-sounding music today.

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