808 Warfare Review

Producers Choice: 808 Warfare Review

Are you a Hip-Hop lover? Does the low-end make up most of your tracks? Is window-shaking, brick-cracking bass what really gets you excited?

If so, 808 Warfare by Producers Choice will probably become your new best friend. Yep, we love it that much.

It appears that everybody is looking for that chest-thrumming, perfect 808 kick these days.

Some say it’s the “in” thing, while others understand that bass-y beats have been around for years.

Wherever you land on that spectrum, 808 Warfare gives you exactly what you’re looking (hearing?) for. 

In this article, we’re giving you a complete review of this Kontakt- and WAV-friendly sample library.

808 Warfare Review: It’s The Kick-Drum Lover’s Dream

Our Pick

Producers Choice: 808 Warfare

If you’re tired of constantly tweaking your samples or never finding one that fits your track perfectly, 808 Warfare is the library for you.

Granted, it’s just a whopping great kick drum library.

But consider the music that relies on an 808 (or there about) kick for the best impact — house, hip-hop, trap, drum and bass, and sometimes trance.

At the very least, it’s essential for a trap or hip-hop banger!

Not to mention that modern artist collaborations have opened increasingly interesting doors for the humble (potentially not so humble) 808 kick — the Bass synth.

With 808 Warfare, you get 41 Kontakt patches and 169 WAV samples that don’t just hit hard; they hit tuned. And that’s certainly something you don’t see every day.

Spoiler: The pros definitely outweigh the cons!

Product Pros

  • Get all the 808 kick drum sounds you need without the hassle of producing them yourself.
  • No need to spend time adjusting samples; Producers Choice has already done that for you.
  • A simple interface makes the module easy to use.
  • Samples are perfectly pitched and work with any track key.
  • 41 Kontakt patches and 169 WAV samples included, all guaranteed to sound great.
  • Unique, hand-crafted 808s are not available anywhere else.
  • Don’t miss the Black Friday sale price of $47, a great deal for these high-quality sounds.

Product Cons

  • It only gives you 808 kick sounds. 
  • For a product that’s intended to be used in conjunction with Kontakt, the number of patches provided (41) is relatively low.
  • The price will likely increase once Producer Choice’s Black Friday sale ends. 
  • You must have the full version of Kontakt 5 or above to use the Kontakt patches. That said, you can use the 169 WAV samples with other software!

Producers Choice 808 Warfare: What to Expect

From perfectly pitched kicks to a simple interface to patches never found anywhere else, 808 Warfare has it all. 

Producers Choice 808 Warfare Review What To Expect

Here is everything you can expect from the module after you purchase it (and yes, it’s an instantly downloadable digital download, so you get it as soon as you complete your transaction):

Brilliant Sounding 808 Kick Drums

It’s clear that the musical geniuses at Producers Choice know how to create an 808 that sounds right — one could even say perfect. 

The company set out to create an entirely polished library, thus, ready to use. And they’ve achieved it!

Adding any of their 808 kicks into your track is as easy as clicking a button; no knob-touching is needed. 

The module lets you get straight to the good stuff, knowing that each sample and patch is the best quality. 

Perfectly Pitched Kicks

You can play all the 808 kicks across the keyboard without worrying about staying in tune. The musical masterminds have taken care of that already!

Load up one of the Kontakt patches from the library, and with just one key press, your low-end is complete.

Looking for that glass-smashing, in-your-face vibe? Try the Crazy 808 patch. Everything from distortion to EQ to compression is perfect, giving you a one-touch solution.

And the same goes for other low-end vibes. Producers Choice covers the 808 arenas from all sides. 

Easy to Explore 808 Library

The module is exceptionally easy to navigate, allowing you to play your bassline, head back, and click to the next patch in seconds.

The 808 library in 808 Warfare

Finding the top-notch 808 for your current project won’t take long. 

808 Warfare works wonders to save valuable production time and speeds up your workflow like you wouldn’t believe. 

All Sounds Exclusive to Producers Choice 808 Warfare

The same company produced another successful module, Urban 808, and wanted to follow it up with a bigger and better version, which is where 808 Warfare comes into play. 

Each kick found in the library was made from scratch. Everything inside the module is brand-new material you simply can’t find elsewhere.

Keep in mind that you can only purchase the library directly from Producers Choice.

While some may see that as a near-certain disadvantage, we see it as a positive — a guarantee of high-quality kicks. 

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41 Kontakt Patches

You get 41 Kontakt patches and 169 WAV format samples with the module.

Considering it’s advertised as a primarily Kontakt-based library, we think the patch number is a little lacking.

That said, each one sounds earth-shattering, so it’s just a minor niggle. 

Here are all the Kontakt patches you’ll find inside:

  • Vanilla 808
  • Monster Noise 808
  • Monster Noise 2 808
  • Stab 808
  • Slide Clean 808
  • SuperSub 808
  • Sixty Six 808
  • Multiplier 808
  • Gunshot 808
  • Compressed 808
  • Neck Snapper 808
  • Clinical 808
  • Spring Bass 808
  • Yeezy 808
  • Slide Yeezy 808
  • The Beast 808
  • Rockstar 808
  • Punch 808
  • Crunchy 808
  • Layered 808
  • Hard Edged 808
  • Slasher 808
  • Slide Compressed 808
  • S1200 808
  • Modern 808
  • Power 808
  • Crazy 808
  • Long Clean 808
  • Clean 808
  • Slide Long Distorted 808
  • Downtown 808
  • MPC60 808
  • Dirty 808
  • Filthbag 808
  • Metal 808
  • Nothin’ But Sub 808
  • Old Radio 808
  • Super Low 808
  • Long 808
  • Urban 808

Simple, Navigable Module Interface

Unlike other modules, 808 Warfare has a seamless, easy-to-use, quick-to-grasp interface.

Producers Choice has really slimmed down the feature list to ensure you spend less time tweaking and more time on what matters most — building tracks!

Final Thoughts: Should You Get Producers Choice 808 Warfare?

Ultimately, the decision to purchase Producers Choice 808 Warfare library is entirely up to you.

But we hope this review has shed some light on the truly brilliant nature of this module. 

If you want earthquake-inducing beats without all the tweaking, it will undoubtedly become your partner in crime.

Since they’re perfectly pitched, you won’t even need to worry about staying in key.

Just add in the sample or patch, and away you go. Honestly, what more could you ask for?

Let us know in the comments what you think of the 808 Warfare.

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