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How Do Producers Tag Their Music? 5 Quick Steps

How do producers tag their music? Learn more in this article.

One important step when making music is to voice-tag your productions.

Tags serve this purpose by allowing music fans to associate a name with a specific track, increasing exposure and protecting your music from being stolen.

This article will explain why producer tags are helpful, discuss some benefits, and provide tips for making good tags that get the job done.

Let’s get started.

What Is A Producer Tag?

A producer tag is a short, catchy phrase or sound that identifies the music producer in a song.

It is typically used at the beginning or end of a track and can be verbal or musical.

Producer tags can help market your music and build brand recognition.

How Do Producers Tag Their Music?

Here are a few quick steps on how producers tag their music.

In the example below, we are using Logic Pro.

  1. Open up your preferred DAW.
  2. Create an audio track.
  3. Import your voice tag and place it in the intro as we did. (see the picture below).
  4. Turn down the channel’s gain in the mixer until the tag blends in.
  5. If you have a raw audio tag with no effects, try adding some reverb or delay effects to make it more interesting.
how do producers tag their music
Voice tag (green) added to an instrumental in Logic Pro X.

Note: A good rule of thumb is to add voice tags at the beginning of the song or beat, though you’re not limited to that.

The Benefits of Using Producer Tags

The music industry is notoriously highly competitive, making it tough for up-and-coming producers to make a splash.

However, producers can improve their reputation and credibility by increasing the likelihood that industry professionals will find and listen to their music thanks to proper tagging.

The use of producer tags also has the additional positive effect of raising the value of a song.

This is because tags can demonstrate that a track was created by a competent producer, making it more appealing and useful for new acts.

Rapper in the studio

As a final point, producer tags can prevent the unauthorized use of an artist’s creations.

As a form of copyright, tags make it extremely difficult for someone to steal a properly tagged song or beat.

When uploading beats to YouTube, producers often insert tags at strategic points to prevent theft.

As a producer, you should use tags in your productions because of the many advantages listed above. Creating a buzz about your beats in this way can lead to greater exposure.

They can also help you gain the respect and trust of the people who buy your beats by establishing your credibility as a producer.

To Recap: Tagging your music can help to build up a following, promote your brand, and attract new listeners.

How Do Producers Make Their Tags?

There are many ways to make your tags. Some producers use online services like Fiverr or Voicetag Gods, where you can get a tag for $35 and under, while others do it all themselves in the studio.

Some producers might even get big artists to give producer shoutouts and use that for a tag.

Tips For Creating Effective Producer Tags

A producer’s tag is like their signature; it’s a way for them to stamp their music and let the world know that they made it. But a producer’s tag is more than just a name; it’s a way to make your music stand out and be memorable.

home studio setup

Think about it this way: hearing a producer’s tag is like hearing their voice. It’s a way to connect with the music and the artist.

It’s a way to make an impact.

So, how do you create a great producer tag? Here are a few tips:

  • First, make sure your tag is clear and easy to understand. The last thing you want is for your name to be muffled or hard to hear.
  • Second, keep your tag short and sweet – you don’t want it to overshadow the beat itself.
  • Lastly, try to use different ideas than others. Try to make it unique and catchy somehow.

This will help listeners identify your music more easily.

Take time to brainstorm and develop a tag representing you and your sound. With a little effort, you can create a great producer’s tag that will make your music stand out.

Famous Producers Who Use Tags

A lot of big-name producers put voice tags on their tracks.

“DJ Khaled,” “Lex Luger,” and “Mike Will Made-It” are some examples; Will’s producer tag, “Mike Will made it,” is an easily recognizable female voice recording phrase that sounds catchy.

Murda Beatz, whose signature producer tag is “Murda on the beat, so it’s not nice,” is another famous one you probably know.

Final Thoughts

Many music producers use voice tags to protect their creations and build up an easily recognizable brand. 

You can get these cheap services online for less than $35, so it’s worth taking the time necessary to find one that suits you well!

Make sure your tag is clear enough, so people will know who recorded/produced this song.

Have you voice-tagged your music? And do you have any tips for other producers?

Let us know in the comments below, and good luck with your productions. 

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