Where Can I Find Free Presets for Serum VST Plugin

Where Can I Find Free Presets for Serum VST Plugin?

Are you tired of searching for high-quality, free presets for your Serum VST plugin?

Look no further because we’ve got the inside scoop on where to find the best free resources to enhance your music production.

With Serum being such a versatile and powerful synth, it’s no wonder you’re searching for fresh, inspiring presets to breathe new life into your tracks.

From innovative hip-hop and trap to future bass and beyond, the free Serum presets we’ve discovered will help you explore new sonic territories and elevate your music-making game.

Thanks to their easy installation, incorporating these presets into your production workflow has never been simpler.

So get ready to unlock your creativity because the perfect collection of free Serum presets is just a click away!

Key Takeaways:

  • Free presets for Serum VST plugin in various genres
  • Easy installation process
  • Enhance your music production with high-quality presets

What Is The Serum VST Plugin

Serum is a powerful Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugin, widely used in music production and synthesis. It combines wavetable synthesis with an intuitive interface, making it a go-to choice for producers seeking bold and diverse sounds for their projects.

When it comes to music synthesis, one of the core components is the wavetable. In Serum, you have access to an extensive library of wavetables, categorized into Analog, Digital, Spectral, User, and Vowel groups1. Browsing through these categories, you’ll discover a range of sonic possibilities, from robust analog saws to aggressive synth growls.

Here’s a brief overview of Serum’s main features:

  • Two main oscillators with wavetable capabilities
  • A sub-oscillator for additional layering options
  • A noise oscillator for adding unique textures
  • An extensive modulation matrix for creative sound design
  • A variety of filters and effects for shaping your sound

With Serum, you can create your own custom wavetables or use the built-in options to start crafting your sound. But if you’re short on time or new to synthesis, there are plenty of free presets available that can help you kickstart your music production journey.

Remember, finding the right presets is only the beginning. The real power of Serum lies in its versatility and the ability to tweak and customize the sounds to fit your unique artistic vision.

So, dive in, explore the vast universe of Serum, and embrace the endless possibilities that lie ahead in your music production journey.


  1. How to use Serum (For Beginners) | 2022 VST Plugin Tutorial

Sources of Free Presets

Are you looking for free presets for the Serum VST plugin? Here’s a collection of sources where you can find some fantastic free Serum presets:

Terminal Waves

Terminal Waves offers a pack of 100 free Serum presets specifically designed for various genres like dubstep, future bass, and trap. The pack includes leads, basses, and plucks that will fuel your creative expression. Grab these presets from Terminal Waves here.


Another great source for Serum presets is Bvker. The website offers a variety of free resources, including their Trap Vol. 1 preset pack. Featuring evocative atmospheres, this pack will put a new spin on your trap productions. Get your hands on this comprehensive pack from Bvker.com.

Gravitas Create

Gravitas Create Catalyst Vol.2 is a treasure trove of free Serum presets for electronic music producers. With 164+ presets available, you can find presets tailored to genres like dubstep, future bass, and more.

Unison by echo Sound Works

Unison also provides a solid selection of 60 free presets designed for genres like future bass, house, and EDM. If you want to start creating amazing sounds right away, check out Unison’s presets here.

Sound Terminal

Sound Terminal offers over 264 Serum patches with the “Terminal Waves” pack.

Specialized Presets

Synth CTRL – Vaporwave Keys and Pads

When you’re looking for free presets for Serum VST plugin catering to vaporwave aesthetic, there is a wide range of options available. The patches for this specific style usually feature keys and pads that incorporate nostalgic, vaporwave-inspired sounds. These presets can help you create lush and ethereal soundscapes, iconic of the vaporwave genre.

If you’re into creating music with vintage sounds and are looking for Mellotron-inspired patches to use with your Serum VST plugin, there’s good news: there are free options for you! For example, you can find some Mellotron presets on BVKER, where they offer free Mellotron presets specifically designed for Serum. These tones can help you create music reminiscent of the classic 60s and 70s.

Growl Wavetables

For those into heavy bass and electronic music, creating the perfect growl sound can be a challenge.

Luckily, there are free growl wavetable presets designed for the Serum VST plugin that you can use to produce those deep, guttural basses, perfect for future bass/dubstep or any other heavy bass genre.

Check out resources like W. A. Production for the Free Future Bass Mega Pack.

Custom Wavetables and Skins

When you’re working with Serum VST plugin, adding custom wavetables and skins can take your sound design and personalization to new heights. In this section, we’ll show you where to find some top-quality resources to make the most out of your Serum experience – and the best part is, they’re all free!

First, let’s talk about wavetables.

A great source for free wavetables is Echo Sound Works’ Core Wavetable Collection, which offers 400 wavetables perfect for various genres. Expertly organized and named, it’s quite easy for you to locate and pick the wavetables you need to create an iconic sound. It specifically caters to wavetable synthesizers like Serum, ANA2, Icarus, and Ableton’s Wavetable synth.

Another option is the set of wavetables offered by 7Skies. It’s an excellent choice to get you started with custom wavetables and tailor your sound to your specific style.

Now, let’s move on to Serum skins. Are you looking to customize the interface of your Serum VST plugin? Look no further, as we’ve compiled a list of amazing skins you can use for free:

  1. Hotline Miami by Unknown
  2. Massive by Entity & Zaneth
  3. Sketch by Thenatan
  4. Miruku by Miruku
  5. OTT by Entity & Zaneth

These skins will not only enhance the visual aesthetics of your workstation but could also inspire your creative process, making it more enjoyable to use Serum.

As a sound designer or producer, be sure to play around with these new wavetables and personalize your Serum interface to truly make it your own.

Now, let the music flow, and happy producing!


In the quest for free presets for Serum VST plugin, you’ve got plenty of options! Some great resources include presets from LANDR, MIDINation, and Gravitas Create. You’ll find various genres covered, like trap, dubstep, and drum and bass.

Remember that you’ll need to install the presets in your Serum folder. Follow this quick guide to get up and running.

You might feel overwhelmed by the choices, but don’t worry! Exploring all these presets will give you a chance to discover new sounds and find inspiration for your projects. Soon, you’ll be mixing tunes like a pro.

So go ahead, grab those free presets, and make some incredible music!

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